We house our infrastructure in several data centres with secure and controlled environments. At these data centres, you can connect to our infrastructure locally, by installing a cross-connect between your (or your partner/carrier’s) equipment and our patch panel.

Data Centre Standard

CAS-IX has an ongoing program intended to ensure that technical infrastructure, operational documentation and processes are in place to secure continuity of our services.

From our experience, a true understanding of the resilience provided from a colocation data centre is only realised through an in-depth audit of both the technical infrastructure and the operational procedures. Therefore, we audit the infrastructure and operational processes at the data centres where we host our services.

We use the CAS‐IX audit standard, which is the most useful data centre business continuity standard and audit tool available today. The standard is based on the relevant requirements of many existing standards (including EN50600 and ISO 27000) and years of best practice data centre operational management.

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