CAS-IX Peering service enables you to interconnect with a multitude of networks directly. You will exchange internet traffic using only one connection and cross connect.


With CAS-IX Cloud Connect, you have direct access to all Microsoft, Cloudflare and Google cloud services via our existing network infrastructure.

Private interconnect

The CAS-IX Private Interconnect (PI) service helps two members establish a dedicated connection between each other.


Your access to CAS-IX should be as user-friendly and cost-effective as possible. Our EasyAccess service is a simple solution for you to connect remotely.


We house our infrastructure in several data centres with secure and controlled environments. At these data centres, you can connect to our infrastructure locally.


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Transit ip and peering

Telecom operators have two interconnection services that allow their networks to connect directly and indirectly to the Internet: peering and transit. If these two terms answer the same need, to facilitate the Internet traffic, they remain different in their aspect.

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By connecting their cache servers to the Casablanca IXP, CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) manage to place themselves closer to their audience. Access latencies to cached resources are radically improved. This results in a significantly improved quality of service perceived by users.

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Financial sector

The Casablanca IXP (CAS-IX) is not only a melting pot of the main internet and telecom operators in Morocco, it is also a key gathering point for financial sector organizations and operators. In particular, CAS-IX is equipped with secure interconnection means specially designed to meet the expectations of players in the financial sector.

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Cloud Provider

The Casablanca IXP is the true entry point to the Moroccan cloud computing market, and is also a major lever for the democratization of access to very low latency cloud services for the Moroccan public. By positioning yourself at the Casablanca IXP today, you will gain a competitive advantage over providers who use traditional single-operator internet links to serve Morocco.

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High traffic websites

By connecting your web server network to the Casablanca Internet Exchange Point you not only benefit from unparalleled proximity to your users at all three operators but you also connect to content distribution networks (CDNs) that are also members of the IXP.

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Network Peering

Peering is a process by which two Internet networks connect and exchange traffic. It allows them to directly hand off traffic between each other’s customers without having to pay a third party to carry that traffic across the Internet for them.

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key accounts

By becoming a member of the Casablanca Internet Exchange Point, you can not only exchange traffic directly with the various service providers (cloud, etc.) but also create your own autonomous system.

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